(May 31st 2010) Trying to fit inside a shirt

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So what? This weekend I found that Mr. Poet had some very cool off shoulder shirts, so I went there to buy one of them… I know that I’m tall but why all japanese designers insist on doing such small sizes? lolol I was like 40 minutes editing all those prims, but I think I got it… don’t you think? 🙂 (picture taken at Eugene 108, 93, 25)

(May 30th 2010) Maniera show

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Once again we (Ana and I) went to Maniera’s fashion show for Queens’ creations. Our friend gloria Gabe was the host and she was very nervous about the post she had that night. At the show we seat near Topaz Joubert from Maniera, who was gorgeous on her Queens’ gown.

(May 29th 2010) Sachi Vixen reezday party

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The day ended with another party. This time my friend and co-owner of “Adam’n Even” sachi Vixen was celebrating her 5th reezday. She’s now officially a big girl 🙂 my wife and our friend gloria Gabe were with me but I didn’t take any picture with them.  On this picture you can see me dancing (I know it doesn’t look like I’m dancing but I’m using my favorite dance from Animazoo that makes me dance on the same place and not doing crazy jamps lol) with Damen Gorilla and sachi Vixen, both wearing their Adam and Eve outfits, very funny and refreshing!!

Happy reezday darling!!

(May 29th 2010) Fashion Shows

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Another weekend another day with fashion shows to attend, the first one was from the new Leezu’s collection. My friend Liane sent me a TP to assist the show, when I arrive I saw that I was just on top of her head lolol So here I was just next to her and next to Takeshi Kiada (I hope you did found the scarf on those coordinates I gave you).

The next show was from DD Style, a show where our friend gloria Gabe was one of the models. I didn’t knew Dadina Dosei’ designs but love to see them. The picture was taken atfer the show and gloria pose next to me and Ana, my ex wife and current business partner (the shows were next to each other that’s why I’m with the same clothes lol).

(May 28th 2010) Friday night

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Friday night, once again we went to see another show… This time Deja Vu Agency was showing us the new Glam Affair dresses. The show was very good and the company after the show even better 🙂 We found our friend Aradia Dielli (picture below) beautiful as she can be.

(May 27th 2010) Wayne Babii

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I know Wayne for ages… since 2008. As me he’s also a PixelDolls reseller, we knew each other on a sale and since then we talk a lot about many things. I think that there is no one in SL that knows better my business than he (well, apart my wife and CheerNo). This picture was taken at PixelMode SIM after I bought several couple poses, and what’s the best way to test one of them than to ask Wayne to pose with me. Now I’m hopping that he returns the call so we could take another picture. (is the one on the left)

(May 22nd 2010) Going out

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Tonight Ana and I decided to attend a fashion show organized by Maniera, our friend gloria Gabe was the host for the night and Queens was the brand. So we gather some clothes, prepared a pose and voilĂĄ… we were ready to go party… (unfortunatelly the lag was huge, due to some servers issue, and the show had to be cancelled)

(May 2010) SL/RL family

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There isn’t much thing to say about this picture. My RL-daughter always wanted to dress and undress the avatars, so one day I gave her access to one of my alts and we (my wife and I) went with her to The Far Away SIM so take a group picture… it think it came out to be very funny don’t you think?

(April 2010) Blade Runner

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Sometimes when I read fashion blogs I love to see the locations so I can visit the place where they took the picture (sometimes I’m more interested on the place rather the clothes lol), so one of this days I found this great place, sick 208, 131, 28 – S.I.C. 49, anyway I love this shot because it reminds me a ver old science fiction movie: Blade Runner, not because my outfit but because all the lights and neons behind me.

(April 2010) Verdigris

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I remember this day, I was at Verdigris SIM, a very strange and beautiful place that I like to visit, anyway, here I was apparently alone but I had like 10 IM chats at the same time… It’s the funny thing here at SL, we are never alone even when we are posing on a empty SIM 😛