(June 7th 2010) Dancing all night long

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Ok it wasn’t all night it was only one hour 😛 but the music was awesome and the DJ was Azufr3 Catteneo, which you can see dancing behind me with Liess Paine… It was my first night out without “partner in profile” lolol


(June 4th 2010) Lost in paradise

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Ok, first of all this post is totally dedicated to my friend sachi Vixen, owner of Adam n’Eve, on her 5th reez day she gave away a true Adam and Eve outfit but I didn’t use it. So just to prove to sachi that I’m no chicken I went today to a fabulous SIM (Crossing Currents 133, 130, 21) and simply got lost in the middle of all that beauty.

(June 3rd 2010) Beach party

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I have to say that I was kinda excited about Avenue’s beach party at GOL, after all it was my first summer party this year. I went with my great friend Liane Maertens, one of my favorite company on these last days, only missed Gloria’s presence… The party was full with beautiful people and the music was excelent at least 🙂 (picture on the left: me and Liane Maertens)

I also danced near Applonia Criss but unfortunately I don’t have any picture, but we both know that the party was awesome! Ty App for the TP after my crash lol

 (picture below: from left to right, Donnatella Couturier with a fabulous hat :), me and Liane Maertens)

(May 31st 2010) Trying to fit inside a shirt

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So what? This weekend I found that Mr. Poet had some very cool off shoulder shirts, so I went there to buy one of them… I know that I’m tall but why all japanese designers insist on doing such small sizes? lolol I was like 40 minutes editing all those prims, but I think I got it… don’t you think? 🙂 (picture taken at Eugene 108, 93, 25)

(May 30th 2010) Maniera show

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Once again we (Ana and I) went to Maniera’s fashion show for Queens’ creations. Our friend gloria Gabe was the host and she was very nervous about the post she had that night. At the show we seat near Topaz Joubert from Maniera, who was gorgeous on her Queens’ gown.

(May 29th 2010) Sachi Vixen reezday party

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The day ended with another party. This time my friend and co-owner of “Adam’n Even” sachi Vixen was celebrating her 5th reezday. She’s now officially a big girl 🙂 my wife and our friend gloria Gabe were with me but I didn’t take any picture with them.  On this picture you can see me dancing (I know it doesn’t look like I’m dancing but I’m using my favorite dance from Animazoo that makes me dance on the same place and not doing crazy jamps lol) with Damen Gorilla and sachi Vixen, both wearing their Adam and Eve outfits, very funny and refreshing!!

Happy reezday darling!!

(May 29th 2010) Fashion Shows

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Another weekend another day with fashion shows to attend, the first one was from the new Leezu’s collection. My friend Liane sent me a TP to assist the show, when I arrive I saw that I was just on top of her head lolol So here I was just next to her and next to Takeshi Kiada (I hope you did found the scarf on those coordinates I gave you).

The next show was from DD Style, a show where our friend gloria Gabe was one of the models. I didn’t knew Dadina Dosei’ designs but love to see them. The picture was taken atfer the show and gloria pose next to me and Ana, my ex wife and current business partner (the shows were next to each other that’s why I’m with the same clothes lol).