(June 3rd 2010) Beach party

I have to say that I was kinda excited about Avenue’s beach party at GOL, after all it was my first summer party this year. I went with my great friend Liane Maertens, one of my favorite company on these last days, only missed Gloria’s presence… The party was full with beautiful people and the music was excelent at least 🙂 (picture on the left: me and Liane Maertens)

I also danced near Applonia Criss but unfortunately I don’t have any picture, but we both know that the party was awesome! Ty App for the TP after my crash lol

 (picture below: from left to right, Donnatella Couturier with a fabulous hat :), me and Liane Maertens)

~ by Nuno McCullough on June 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “(June 3rd 2010) Beach party”

  1. Wow hoos the babe!!!!Huz Nuno and have fun. XOXO

  2. raww we look so hot and sweaty hahah was one of the best parties around grid for sure <3<3

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