(September 2009) KMADcity.com launching party

Sometimes I have the luck of being invited for awesome parties (and sometimes I can’t login when they are held lol), anyway, in September 2009 I was invited for a private party that was held to celebrate the launching of KMADcity.com. The music was great and the company even better, there were lots of friends there, Liane Maertens, Sally Yachvili, MarJacobs Sadosky, CheerNo Destiny (both with me on the picture above), Minnu Palen, Milla Michinaga, Valena Glushenko and Aradia Dielli just to name a few of them… Too bad I had to leave early due to my time zone 😛

(picture on the right: me and Milla Michinaga;

picture below: me, Thora Charon, Minnu Pallen, Aradia Dielli and Maddox DuPont)

(picture on the left: me and Valena Glushenko)

(picture below: me, Minnu Palen and Maddox DuPont our style gods:) )


~ by Nuno McCullough on May 23, 2010.

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