(December 2007) Hello world!

Born on December 26th 2007, was kind of bored and alone at home and decided to register and become a SL resident. Since then I confess I’m addicted to It though I goes sometimes on a retreat I always return to SL.

At the very beginning I tended to grab some freebies (as almost every new resident), hang out on some dubious places lol, explore without course and becoming addicted…

On the picture you can see how I was on the first week, a completely freebie man though I never grabbed everything I saw, I always had the habit of choosing the best gifts I could find.

(the picture was taken on my first refugee: Grocon Emoto Reiki Healing Center, a place I could set as home and to where I went every time I wanted to change clothes lol)


~ by Nuno McCullough on May 14, 2010.

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