(April 2nd 2011) My new home

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Its official, I just moved to a new skybox… it’s located on CheerNo’s SIM, he just offered me some space and there it is… my little skybox from NOTsoBAD (the great gift from joining the group)… I tried to get some inspiration on Juicy Bomb’s blog but with a no-girly look… Stuff is from (and in no special order):  A: S: S:, MudHoney, Awesome Blossom, iTuTu, Miabella Foxley, What Next, and some old stuff from my inventory

(March 29th 2011) Surfing in Bora Bora

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Ok, I know it’s been for moths that I don’t post anything, some might think I simply quit SL but it’s not true, I just want to take some quiet time… So today I decided to take this photo mainly because it’s my RL-birthday yayyyyy I went to Bora Bora Islands and tried the surf boards, it’s so much funny!!

(August 3rd 2010) NOH8

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So was I on vacations when an ex-bf of mine (Miguel Harsley) asked me if I wanted to pose for the new campaign for NOH8, I said yes… I would refuse only if I was mad or irresponsible… It’s everyone’s responsability to help this world gets better. So there I was, being photographed by samael Azemus. Hope you like it

(July 3rd 2010) Orta

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I know I’ve been away from some nice events, but I’ve received some bad news this last week and I really didn’t want to go anywhere 😛 anyway, today my friend Valena Glushenko has opened her new store ORTA, so I really had to go give her some kisses… Here I am at the picture dancing with her and with Thora Charron behind us. The party was awesome and the music was excelent!! Great party!

(June 20th 2010) Party at Glance

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So yesterday, June 20th Glance International opened its second SIM Glance Style and I couldn’t miss the party that my friend Patty Cortes was hosting, the music was great, the company even better. I have to say that I really felt in love by the arquitecture, the buildings are awesome!

(June 19th 2010) Party at Alatiel

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Today I had a show to assist, new collection from Alatiel, unfortunatelly RL-issues didn’t allow me to atend it 😦 When I arrive Gloria Gabe (my friend which is model for Alatiel) call me to the after show party, I only had time to undress and call a taxi… I was in such a hurry that only when I arrive I saw that I was with jeans and with prim cuffs from the chinos I was wearing before lolol

In the picture I am dancing with with my friends Gloria Gabe and Di Hoorenbeek (which was laughing when she saw my tag “not a model yet” lololol)

(June 19th 2010) New Face

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For almost a couple of months I was trying skins, but nothing was what I really wanted… I loose the count of the times I asked my friends which demo suited me better. They when I got a small number of skin demos I simply decided to change my shape. Although I loved my shape I never really like my jaws, so I did a small plastic surgery and got the jaws just like I wanted. So after this the choice for the skin was obvious, Belleza Thomas V2 Tan… and here I am brand new and ready to breack some hearts lolol

(June 7th 2010) Dancing all night long

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Ok it wasn’t all night it was only one hour 😛 but the music was awesome and the DJ was Azufr3 Catteneo, which you can see dancing behind me with Liess Paine… It was my first night out without “partner in profile” lolol

(June 4th 2010) Lost in paradise

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Ok, first of all this post is totally dedicated to my friend sachi Vixen, owner of Adam n’Eve, on her 5th reez day she gave away a true Adam and Eve outfit but I didn’t use it. So just to prove to sachi that I’m no chicken I went today to a fabulous SIM (Crossing Currents 133, 130, 21) and simply got lost in the middle of all that beauty.

(June 3rd 2010) Beach party

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I have to say that I was kinda excited about Avenue’s beach party at GOL, after all it was my first summer party this year. I went with my great friend Liane Maertens, one of my favorite company on these last days, only missed Gloria’s presence… The party was full with beautiful people and the music was excelent at least 🙂 (picture on the left: me and Liane Maertens)

I also danced near Applonia Criss but unfortunately I don’t have any picture, but we both know that the party was awesome! Ty App for the TP after my crash lol

 (picture below: from left to right, Donnatella Couturier with a fabulous hat :), me and Liane Maertens)